We are seeking talent…

Are you an Industrial Designer with 3-5 years professional experience, ready to join a team where you participate in a broad range of projects from medical to consumer products, then this might be the opportunity your looking for? We are looking for a new team member with a passion for design and new product development. See specifications here:

Møller-Jensen Innovation og Design is looking for an Industrial designer

Keeping the elderly hydrated with IoT

MJID worked with our friends at Medbroker and Heveas, to develop Aquatime, an IoT system that assist in keeping elderly people properly hydrated, every day.

Aquatime is the result of a tender by the EU and the Danish Market development Fund, which we won in the spring of 2018. The Aquatime consortium developed the system in collaboration with the municipality of Albertslund, who provided expert insight and user testing support, when testing with both the elderly and their caregivers.

The system is currently being launched with these features:

  • Intelligent drinking vessel that measures intake, and sends data to the Cloud.
  • Inbuilt notification and motivation system.
  • Complete stand-alone system.
  • Can integrate to the Danish digital healthcare systems.
  • Fits within the routines and processes in he Danish healthcare system.
  • Minimal set-up implementation.

Mød os på IoT WEEK i Århus

Vi udstiller vores nye IoT produkt, Aquatime. IoT Week afholdes hvert år og bringer internationale repræsentanter fra industri og forskning sammen om Internet of things. Sidste år deltog 850 specialiserede virksomheder og organisationer i IoT Week. I år er MJID repræsenteret og vi kan findes på stand 29 i Public Expo området. Vi glæder os til at se dig.

Connectivity is here…

Interesting journey from start…

Connected smart pens will revolutionise diabetes care in the decade to come, and this upcoming revolution took a big leap this month, when the first of Novo´s partners within the digital health space, Glooko, released software in 23 countries in 14 different languages, that made both their in-clinic integrated diabetes management solution directed at healthcare professionals as well as their patient facing app (btw, download it today for iOS and Android), compatible with the Novo Nordisk range of connected durable smart devices.

For Android based phones, you can upload directly via the phones NFC chip, while on iOS based devices, currently only visualisation of data is enabled at this point and upload is only supported via the in-clinic Glooko diasend box.

>Click picture see clearly<

Connectivity begins…

Novo Nordisk announced the launch of the two connected insulin pens at the beginning of this month. The company plans to roll out the devices, dubbed the NovoPen 6 and NovoPen Echo Plus, worldwide, starting in early 2019.

Presentation at the Danish Stock Exchange…

At the event held by ‘Dansk Erhverv’ (Danish Business Organization) and ‘Kommunernes Landsforening’ (the Danish Association of the Municipalities) on 14 March in the Big hall at the Danish Stock Exchange, Peter Møller-Jensen spoke about our Aquatime project, which will help to prevent dehydration for aged citizens. The project is being developed in cooperation with three Danish municipalities and sponsored by the Markedsmodningsfonden (Market Development Fund). A special and new setup that is the first of its kind in Europe.
In addition, Peter Møller-Jensen spoke of his thoughts about future product development – the exciting trends in the use of new technologies and the all-important factor, knowing the needs of the users.
It was exciting for MJID to participate in the debate concerning future product development opportunities where the public and private sectors work together side by side. Can private companies gain access to the enormous “warehouse” of user knowledge & experience that is stored within the public sector? Can we create unique relationships for Danish companies, for example, to get easier access to carry out User Testing within the public sector? We will then have a large advantage in the competition with foreign innovative products.

Aquatime is being developed in a consortium consisting of Heveas Aps, which stands for production and DFM, Medbrokers Aps, which is responsible for quality assurance and certification, as well as Møller-Jensen Innovation and Design Aps.

Our new Concorde is here…

It’s a great honor to work with our friends at Ortofon – and now we have a lot to celebrate! The legend is reborn. The Concorde Pickup series is on the market, and we are proud. DJ´s, Scratchers and other Pro turntablists – now it’s your move…

We got him! Morten Grønning – the talent…

Welcome to our team Morten!

‘Young Talent’ – the Danish Design Award 2016.

A creative engineer and product designer, with a passion for entrepreneurship. Specialized in bringing new ideas into reality and build testable prototypes and involve users and experts.


Aerofit – New product design

Better breathing – better performance… We enjoy this project, the device will be so Cool 🙂

Winner of Venture Cup 2017

OSAA – Thanks for letting us be a part on this early state – winning is also about communication…

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