On the spot style implementation
project name

On the spot style implementation

A new product family of switches and sockets

  • Client:

    Schneider Electric

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Creation and implementation of final style elements live on video conference with client and foreign engineering contractor. Working as specialists at the client’s residence in a fast running project.

Schneider electric is a global player in the field of electronic components. They develop and produce everything from large energy programs and big industry intelligent installations down to simple components like switches, sockets and other installations we have in our homes.

We were contacted by Schneider Electric regarding the finalization a new product family

of switches and sockets with a design style aimed for the markets in Finland and Sweden.

The project was in a state where a lot of technical constraints where to be merged with design and style parameters. We where asked to join in with design expertise to bind together the product family style. Due to the narrow time frame, we had to respond quickly during the process and make iterations on the spot directly at the client’s location.

To ensure style continuity, the design dependencies between each member of the product family was always in focus during the entire process.

Our design skills, based on technical insight and a very visual approach, gave us the ability to maintain overview on the total product range and steer the process to a successful result.

In general the Danish branch of Schneider Electric only uses in-house designers. Therefore it was an honour to be asked to deliver design advice as an external design bureau. We have had the joy of participating in a few projects, and hope of course that the collaboration continues.