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Peristeen® personal sanitation aid

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Implementing concept visions into tangible test models and involving the user really makes the difference when designing future products in the highly competitive healthcare market.

Coloplast A/S is a respected player on the global market for urostomy, continence and wound care. Innovative products with a well tested design have given them a strong brand.

Products from Coloplast are all developed to be placed directly on – or in close interaction with the human body. New product ideas often push the limits and standards for

material properties and production methods. When we join the innovative process we act as catalyst. We combine the construction and material specifications with ergonomic and user friendly considerations into innovative solutions. We design product concepts, describe expected user perceptions and define the final stimuli material for user tests. We join knowledge, make decisions traceable and keep the strategy visible.

We have worked for Coloplast in a series of projects regarding concept refinement and detailed interface and packaging design.

All projects are characterized by a process of iterations between idea sketching, test-model work and user involvement. Due to confidentiality agreements, we can only show the products that are on the market today.

The Peristeen is an innovative and patented system that we developed for partially paralysed patients with problems regarding emptying their bowels. The patented hand regulator and sequential process makes it easy for the patients with reduced mobility to manage the full process in an independent and intuitive way.