50 years of heritage
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50 years of heritage


Our history begins in one of the first design studios in Denmark. Our design tradition has gently been evolved and vitalized from partnerships for over 50 years.

1965: Jens Møller-Jensen
1990: Peter Møller-Jensen
1992: Møller-Jensen Design
2008: Møller-Jensen Innovation & Design, with Tue Toft

The history began in 1965 when Jens Møller-Jensen started a creative design studio fully equipped with machines for model-making – the same practical approach as today.

The clients were international as well as national, and the heart in each design proposal delivery was “the model”. The handcrafted values are essential in the Danish design tradition.

In 1965 “Industrial Design” was a relative new discipline educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

The designer society began its evolution in these days and Jens Møller-Jensen was co-founder of different design socio-elements that we still know today. For instance, the Danish designer organization “The Danish Design Centre” (www.ddc.dk), which was actually located inside his studio for several years.
From a “one man show” – to the perfect teamwork of 7 creative individuals today, we have found a great balance between resource management and involvement.

Some design changes in time:
From product driven to project driven.
From “product function” to “user experience”.
From technology driven invention to human-centered innovation.
From “Our way” to “Your way”.
Not thinking from the present forward, but thinking from the future back.