25 years of secrets
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25 years of secrets

Concept development and product design

  • Client:

    Novo Nordisk

  • Year:

    since 1989

We are a trusted partner in concept development and product design on a daily basis. This unique collaboration has taught us how to manoeuvre in a complex, strategic and inspiring medico-technical business area. We feel lucky to work under the moto: “Only the best is good enough”.

NovoNordisk (NN) is one of the leading manufacturers of insulin, growth hormone, and drugs for haemostasis on the global market. To offer the best treatments in a very competitive market, NN continuously develops new “easy to handle” treatment regimes with optimized injection devices and packaging concepts.

The collaboration started in 1989, when Jens Møller-Jensen invited NovoNordisk (NN) project managers and engineers to our studio for the first all-day creative “Greenhouse meeting”.

Insulin injection Pens where developed from scratch and the design was made the simple empathic way in a straight forward process. It was a success from start. The huge medical company needed a pragmatic approach to many of the complex and safety-driven development projects.

Today the competitive drug delivery market has changed the way projects are driven. “Greenhouse meetings” are still held every week, but our design process is now well documented and fully integrated with internal NN procedures and reviews, as if we where a design department inside NN. We deliver form, style and strategic product concepts for future injection devices, high end looks-like models and prototypes. We design user interfaces, participate in international user tests and ensures that

sophisticated technological decisions are fitting relevant user scenarios.

In short: We are working on both the “inside” and the “outside” of the products, and have signed more than 50 patent applications for NovoNordisk. Most of our work for this client is still highly confidential!

It is not simple to be an external supplier bringing innovative new thoughts to the table, when you have participated in the design of all NovoNordisk devices during more than 2 decades. But as professionals we manage to stay “Green” due to our innovation tools, our contact with other businesses and product fields, and our humoristic and crazy staff.