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What we do

Innovation facilitation

Innovation facilitation

We ensure a solid foundation in the ideation phases. Well tested methods for knowledge sharing, concept overview and work direction selection are used.

Interaction design

Interaction design

All interfaces included – from physical setup to graphical definitions and implementation tests. We are experts in all aspects of the UX.

Product design

Product design

From idea to prototype. We develop, test and create the best base for your production. DFMA is a natural part of our delivery.

Design strategy

Design strategy

Focus on the right elements, based on market insights and ambition level. We can visualize where to go and why…

How we do it

Passionate approach

Good design comes down to talent and passion. Our selected team has drive, experience and competence. We know that our present value is no better than the team we can provide tomorrow.

Design Craftsmanship

We say it and we do it!
Our in-house model workshop gives us the ability to quickly build, test and learn.
A short way from idea to experiment.

Listen to the User

User Centered Design is a natural part of our process.
Our designs are tested and verified by reality.

Creative tools for success

With 40 years of experience we have optimized our tools for managing creativity and innovation. For a start we welcome you to challenge us in one of our Greenhouse™ sessions!

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User centered design, verified by reality



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Innovation og Design Aps
Nyhavn 39
DK-1051 Copenhagen K.

Tel. +45 33 13 57 01

CVR. 30525507

Feel free to call us for an informal discussion of design possibilities.

Peter Møller-Jensen, Partner
Tue Toft, Partner 
Scott Allen, Partner